The first month of 2017 is already over, and September is getting closer day by day. This may not mean much for you; but that month is a very special month for every iPhone enthusiast, as of course that’s when a new iPhone is announced every year.

Even though we have a few months before any official news about the new iPhone may hit the news; there are already a lot of rumors out on the internet and as such, speculation going on.

Firstly, we’re not even sure if the new iPhone will be called the iPhone 8. Apple may go with a more futuristic name, like iPhone X. At the same time, possibilities for names such as The iPhone, iPhone Pro, etc. are still viable. Whatever name Apple end up choosing, this year will most likely mark huge changes for the device itself. That’s because this is the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, and for the past few years there have only been a few incremental upgrades. This year though, Apple could knock it out of the park with a few hidden aces.

The Wall Street Journal says, “Apple plans bigger design changes for 2017, the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone.”

The word around the block is that the new iPhone may have long distance wireless charging. In that case, the device may have a full glass back instead of metal to assist wireless charging. If they do go that route, there will definitely have to be the option to quickly recharge the battery using a cable.

The infamous home button may not be physical, but might instead be hidden in the screen to provide a bigger space for Apple to work with. Speaking of more space, Apple might end up using Samsung’s border-less OLED screens. At the same time, the SIM tray might move to the bottom to create more space for internal components.

Apple is said to already be preparing to order components from overseas. Thus, we’ll soon have a better idea of the situation.