Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg

After a couple of cases last year that it had been misrepresenting its ad metrics, Facebook has agreed to audit its advertising metrics independently. It commits with Media Rating Council (MRC) to an audit which will verify the accuracy of the info graphics of Facebook ad metrics.

The minor mistakes made by Facebook last year inflated the so called metrics which led to calls to better data from Facebook from ad industry and third party verification of the data. In September, Facebook said that a metric for an normal user time on a video was counted for over three seconds which may led to overstatement.

In addition to the MRC audit, Facebook announces to provide more detailed data such as how long an ad is on the screen in terms of milli-seconds and how much time it is played while the user is on the screen. The following step is likely to increase accountability after the instances which have taken place. There would also be additional features for buying video ads, added Facebook.

Facebook says:

“As a partner to over four million advertisers across a wide range of organizations and objectives, we want to provide transparency, choice, and accountability”

Facebook revenue from ads rose 53% last quarter from a year earlier as Facebook average revenue per user (ARPU) keeps rising.

Facebook average revenue per user by Region
Source: telco2.net