We already have a bit of an idea of what the all new LG G6 will look like from, what were possibly controlled leaks from LG. New teaser images from the company suggest that the phone may be very reliable.

“Under pressure” quite possibly means water depth. The LG G series phones have struggled with water resistance before, and it seems like there’s finally going to be a fix available for that. The next image about reliability is most likely referring to their new device being more durable. After the whole Samsung Note 7 debacle, the fear of your smartphone exploding has suddenly become quite real. As such, phones are being tested much more carefully.

LG has already been focusing on making their phones more durable. The LG V20 essentially had military grade resistance. None of this helped with a recurring problem many users faced throughout LG’s phones, which was the bootloop issue. The display would not proceed to the home screen. It’s fair to say LG will have worked on this issue and much more, to provide a much more smoother experience for users.

LG also confirmed this week that the new LG G6 will come with a 32-bit quad DAC system. The upgraded sound system will provide better sound quality and adjustment options for both earbuds. This will reduce noise and make the listening experience better.

To give the phone a trial run, LG announced that it will ship the phone to selected users for “Pre-Release Strategy Recruiting”. LG will choose 210 users through various contests held on social media. This will give the new LG G6 a beta run before it is finally up for release in the market.

More information will eventually be revealed in LG’s event on 26th of February.