The whole Note 7 exploding batteries thing was a big deal for Samsung. To prevent something like that from happening again; Samsung is now going to take all precautions possible for batteries in Galaxy S8; their upcoming flagship smartphone.

Reports suggest that Samsung will acquire new batteries from Sony for their new phone to prevent another fiasco. Reports from The Wall Street Journal say that Sony will be its third source for lithium-ion batteries. The other two being SDI Co. and Amperex Technology.

Sony’s batteries are made differently inside-out compared to Samsung’s. Sony also had a limited production capacity. Samsung did not resort to using their batteries in the past due to these reasons.

Samsung took studied the failure of the Galaxy Note 7 extensively over the course of months. After examining several aspects of the phone, including software and hardware; it was discovered that the main cause of their phones suddenly exploding was a very simple problem. Damaged insulation was causing their batteries to overheat.

The batteries in Galaxy S8 are essential for its success. Samsung has to earn the trust of their consumers back again. Not only that, they have to make up for the whopping $5 billion loss due to the global recall of 3 million Note 7 phones last year. They will be able to do that with a highly innovative device, with no components that can spontaneously explode. With Apple gearing up for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary launch, this year could mark the ultimate showdown between the biggest rivals in the smartphone industry. Because of this, Samsung needs to step up their game and bring forth new ideas and better functionality.

Samsung has also reportedly signed a deal with it’s rival Apple, to provide OLED screens for the new iPhone.

There are several rumors out in the open about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 already. These include the rumors of the new phones having the same batteries as Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Despite this, Samsung may still use some Sony batteries.