For many years now the fans of the famous social media platform, Facebook, have been requesting the possibility of a “Dislike” button to respond negatively to posts which are against their interests. The closest to this, which we have gotten, are the reactions or emojis.  

However a couple of years ago the social media giant announced the introduction of a new “Dislike” button in accordance with the wishes of the users. The new thumbs down or “Dislike” feature is, at the moment, not available to all users and is just in its testing phase.

But wait! There is a catch.

The new feature is currently only being introduced to the Facebook messenger as reported by TechCrunch. The “Dislike” feature would serve as a faster means of saying “No” or disapproving a choice rather than writing a long text.

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has said that the new feature is more of a tool to show empathy with, for example, a grave or sad moment where using the “Like” button is deemed awkward or socially inappropriate rather then it being a tool for scorn.

The age of technology has no doubt advanced us but in doing so it has made us lazy as well. One thing to note if this “Dislike” button is openly introduced is that currently people type down their feelings to show empathy and their views regarding some matter they find inappropriate but this feature would gradually put an end to the practice.  The new feature will then become the bearer of disapproval with the users being too lazy to type down actual emotions.

Whatever the case maybe, Facebook has always introduced new ways of making social media interaction a lot easier so it can be hoped that this new feature might finally be available to every user as soon as possible.