Facebook knew Snapchat Story’s potential a long time ago. In 2013, they tried to purchase Snapchat and when they failed, they did the next best thing. Instagram rolled out a clone of Snapchat Story last year in August. Since then, a similar feature was rolled out on WhatsApp and now finally, Facebook’s Messenger itself is cloning the it in the form of Messenger Day. All of these are owned by Facebook.

Messenger Day was in a testing phase in selected countries since last year. Finally, it’s being rolled out to all 1+ billion users of Messenger. To make the process smoother, it may take some time for the feature to appear on your phone. You will know Messenger Day is up and running when you see the camera button in Messenger has turned into a bright sun.

Similar to all the other clones, you will be able to upload pictures and videos to Messenger Day. This media will automatically be deleted 24 hours after being uploaded. You can also add text, filters and special effects to them.

“Choose from more than 5,000 frames, effects and stickers to customize photos and videos before you add to your Day, many of which are exclusive to Messenger”

Messenger Day’s primary use it not to share what’s happening in your life with others. Rather, its objective is to make plans with friends on the go. It offers a few “Who’s Up For..” filters, and more.

Facebook had acknowledged its competitor when launching Instagram Stories. They claimed that it was just another medium of communication, similar to news feed. It seems that they are definitely trying to prove that by making the trend of destructive photos more mainstream. Even if people do not like the new feature, the app might not get uninstalled by the majority due to its main purpose being an instant chat for Facebook.