Apple iOS 10.3 Update

Apple has finally rolled out the new iOS 10.3 update after several tests and millions of users already have it on their iPhones. The new update affects WiFi calling, Apple AirPods and much more. The first beta for iOS 10.3 was released on 26 January.

For many people, keeping track of your earphones is hard; and especially for small earpieces such as Apple’s AirPods, that are cordless and tiny. To make life easier for AirPod owners, the iOS 10.3 update includes he ability to find your lost AirPods using the “Find my iPhone” feature.

Another cool feature that comes with the new iOS 10.3 update is the ability to make and receive WiFi calls on your devices connected through iCloud such as your MacBook, Apple Watch, iPod, iPad, etc.

A new app to come with this update is the podcast app which looks quite similar to the widget for its music app. A small tweak has also been made to the animations used in opening and closing applications. These tweaks enable your iPhone to feel more responsive for general tasks because of the readjusted animation lengths.

In the settings menu, you will now find a new iCloud section. Here, users are able to check overall iCloud storage usage and activity. Including the  name of the apps that make use of iCloud.

Finally, some undocumented changes include Apple’s new file system in the iOS 10.3 update which should make things a little faster. Many issue related to the UI will be resolved, including some other issues like random frame rate drops.