Careem has caught a large sum of its captain being street smart i.e violation of rules to their own gains.
According to sources, few Careem captains used to book their own ride in order to meet targets and eventually achieve their
bonuses which Careem offers after weekly or say monthly rides.

The captains had found a breakthrough within the system which was to travel to remote places – where no other Captain can book a ride and then book their ride from other smartphones by themselves- in order to meet their targets. This way Captains kept on booking ride for themselves and supplying it likewise.

Captains only rely on this strategy in order to meet their targets when only a few rides are remaining to qualify
for their bonus(being smartstreet).

Moreover, Captains also used to book fake rides when they are coming back to their place at the end of day. In such cases, Captains used to travel without any passenger, however their ride would contribute to their ride count and hence their bonuses.

Careem fraud detection system otherwise known as Sherlock was able to identify such bogus rides and about 374 captains were
detained who were found involved in violating the rules of the company. The algorithm used in Sherlock however remains unknown.

Careem also warns all of its Captain before sign up over involvement in fraudulent activities.

The company has blocked the id’s over 50 Captain and they will not be able to work with Careem in the future.

Careem’s call on this case:

Careem believes in fair play and just rewards for our Captains.
There is no tolerance for fraudulent practices which people use to try and deceive us.
Fraud is a crime and they are only harming themselves as Careem’s systems are very good at picking up suspicious activities.
Its unfortunate that people resort to unfair means to make a bit of money, they only end up spoiling it for themselves as
Careem can block them permanently and penalize them.