In the past, Daewoo was the only cab service which offered pick and drop service. The company now is planning to re-enter the transport industry.

Daewoo rolls out latest ride-hailing app to compete with Uber and Careem.

Daewoo Cab is Available in the Following Cities:


Moreover, users in Karachi can use the promo code DAEWOOFIRST to get Rs.300 off their first ride in the city.
Daewoo is much more expensive than Uber or Careem as it only offers business cars such as Toyota Corolla XLI.

Daewoo Cab App GUI and Features

The Daewoo app GUI is pretty friendly and is similar to Uber and Careem. When you install the app, you are required to sign-up using your name, number and password.

Payment can be done through EasyPaisa or credit/debit card.

The app uses Google Map API for setting pickup and drop-point location. It ask for a ride now or ride later option, similar to Careem. Daewoo is more expensive than Careem. A ride that cost RS.137 in careemGO costs RS.300 in Daewoo Cab.


Fair comparison is made between two similar locations.

Here are some reviews I found out at Apple Appstore. Take a look what people had to say about Daewoo cab app:

The App is available for both Android and iOS users.