Malala Yousafzai joins Twitter

A Nobel price winner,Malala Yousafzai joins twitter on 7th of July, after she finished her secondary school.

Malala had a remarkable entry. She gained 100k followers within 30 minutes, creating a record of getting followers so fast after its debut. Her twitter account is verified.

As it can be seen that she is a popular teen, however, without any social media presence. In addition, the 19 years old has now made her followers ‘3X’ after tweeting ‘Hi, Twitter.’. This status got 154k likes, 32k retweets and over 5.8k replies.

Malala thanks everyone for welcoming her on account in the following words.

In a remarkable turn of events, Twitter’s official handle greeted with hashtag #MalalaInspiresMe.

Not to mention, now her account 17 tweets and over 533k followers.