Pakistan Request Facebook to Connect Accounts with Mobile Number

Over the issue of blasphemous content in the past, Facebook agreed to send a team to scrutinize the matter. Facebook is already aware of the issue and ready to solve it through dialogues.

Why did Pakistan’s Government request Facebook?

Now, Pakistani Government demands Facebook to connect mobile numbers with account as to tackle the problem of fake accounts. Govt. wants to enhance it identity tracking which is possible with mobile numbers. Mobile numbers should be a pre-requisite of making an account.

Secretary IT Rizwan Bashir said mobiles numbers are verified through bio-metric process.

In contrast, Facebook account only requires an email to register. The addition of mobile number will help to re-verify the profiles and will result in death of fake accounts. He briefed this to National Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication along with Capt. (retd) Muhammad Safdar.

According to a research from CNET, 8.7% account are fake users on Facebook.

Research stats:

  • 4.8%   duplicate accounts
  • 2.4% are user-misclassified accounts
  • 1.5% are undesirable accounts

According to Chairman PTA, Syed Ismail Shah, 12,977 URLs have been blocked which contain blasphemous content. Moreover, it made a web analysis cell where 25 personnel are only identifying to illegal content. PTA also coordinates with general public. Moreover, it received 6000 complaints online and over 350 of them were blocked.

Furthermore, Facebook has now allocated key person which will cooperate PTA for any reported material. Moreover, Facebook has blocked 137 blasphemous links since February 2017.

Additionally, PTA also asked Facebook to help Law enforcement agencies of Pakistan by providing them necessary data which could help them in criminal and other actives. Facebook received over 1000 request. Moreover, it organized 70% of data.

How Facebook Identify Fake Account?

The company, themselves want to overcome the problem of fake profiles. It has made many efficient algorithms which help them in detecting fake profiles. It uses artificial intelligence(AI) to detect any abnormal pattern such as spamming or malicious activity. This way Facebook easily identify fake accounts and locks them. In order to retrieve, Facebook asks for Government Issued id cards.