10 Best Selling Cars In Pakistan

Pakistan automobile industry is growing exponentially. Low interest and finance rates provided by the banks have maximized car sales in year 2017. According to Automotive Development Policy(ADP), tax incentive provided by the government has turned Pakistan into fruitful market. In 2016, 181,145 cars were sold. However, this year car sales reached an all time high and and broke all records. Sales for year 2016-17 has reached 185,781 units. For this reason, we have compiled a list of 10 best selling cars in Pakistan.

Spoiler Alert: Toyota, Suzuki and Honda dominates the local market.

This list is from the start of ongoing fiscal year which started in July 2016.

1. Toyota CorollaToyota Corolla Best Selling Car

Toyota Corolla remains the best selling car in Pakistan in year 2017 as well as the year 2016. Corolla has sold 52,874 units this year. While it remains the best selling car, the production was lower that is 52,676 units. Consequently, Honda delayed in delivering it. It was accompanied by news of new model in 2018 which futhermore affected Toyota sales volume.
Toyota is available in four versions: Xli, Altis, GLi and Altis Grande. They all have different price tags.

The basic model with lowest feature costs RS 1,659,000. The premium model with most advance features costs up to RS 2,389,000.
Click here to find out features Corolla has to offer.

2. Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran 2nd Best Selling Car

Mehran is probably one of the oldest car which still survives in Pakistan. It was developed in 1989, about 33 years ago. In the world, Mehran is now obsolete. It was only sold in the time period 1979 till 1983. It is very shocking that it still comes brand new in Pakistan.

37,933 units were sold this year whereas only 38,311 units were produced this year. It means that demand has exceeded Mehran’s supply. According to demand and supply theory, price of Mehran will continue to rise.
Mehran also comes in different prices. The most basic Mehran VX comes in RS 679,000. Mehran VXR costs RS. 732,000. Mehran VX With CNG costs RS 749,000. Finally, Mehran VXR with CNG costs RS.802,000.

3. and 4. Honda Cars (Civic And City)

Civic 3rd best selling car

Honda best selling cars are Civic and City. It is famous for its aesthetic looks. The new sports look has increased the demand for Honda Civic. While, City is famous for being pocket friendly in the 1300 CC and above category. In the fiscal year 2017, a total of 37,004 units of combined(Civic and City) has been sold whereas 36,531 units were produced this year -demand exceeded supply. In the fiscal year 2016, a total of 25,726 units were sold. It has risen by almost 10k units.

City 3rd best selling car
Civic price vary between RS 2.35 million to 3 million whereas Honda city starts from 1.53 million and can go up to 1.83 million. Honda City’s price is almost half of that of Civic.

5. Suzuki Bolan

Bolan 5th best selling Car

The famous “tin ka dabba” aka Bolan achieves fifth rank out of 10 best selling cars. It faces a lot of competition for other imported Japanese brands. Bolan is perhaps the most oldest Suzuki car which car which is running in Pakistan. It was launched probably 38 years ago and haven’t changed since then.

In the fiscal year 2017, 19,245 units have been sold which is quite shocking. It is nearly half of the amount sold in year 2016. Consequently, the sales of Bolan went down by about 35%. 19,531 units were produced in fiscal year 2017 which is more than its current demand.

6. Suzuki Wagon R

WagonR 6th best selling car

Wagon R is perhaps the most cheapest Suzuki has to offer in category of 1000 CC. Wagon R costs about RS. 1 million only. Wagon R, despite the fact that it looks like a box, beats all the other cars in the same price range.Its spacious interior with a 1000 CC engine beats Daihatsu Mira as Mira is only 660 cc.

Wagon R has almost increased in sales by 50%. It increased 8262 unit of sale in the fiscal year 2017. Sales in fiscal year 2017 were 17,671 units whereas in previous year, only 9,709 units were sold. It seems like Wagon R dominates the 1000 CC category.

7. Suzuki Ravi

Ravi 7th best selling car

Ravi is only sold in Pakistan and are not offered in any other country. Suzuki Ravi is best selling pickup van. This remains the best choice for vendors and small suppliers. Its low price of RS. 6.7 lacs makes it a good choice for cargo van.

Moreover, Ravi sales reached 13,988 units whereas, supply of Ravi was 14,212 units. Ravi also suffered a decrease of 65% of its sales. Ravi resembles Bolan and comes with the same specifications.

8. Suzuki Cultus

Cultus 8th most selling car

The ever-green Cultus achieves 7th position. Cultus sales reached 11,905 units. Suzuki produced 13,336 units. Cultus is named as Celerio and has changed it entire shape. Many folks say that it resembles Daihatsu Mira.

9. Toyota Hilux

Hilux 9th best selling car

Hilux is second best selling Pickup after Suzuki Ravi and also second most selling car of Toyota. The car upgraded over the time. It is very famous  for its ‘wadera look’. Personally, this car is my favorite because of its low price and elite looks.

Toyota produced 4,239 units and produced 4,425 units; it means that demand almost meets supply and will continue selling at the same price.

Price of Hilux vary from RS 20.9 Lacs to 43 Lacs. Revo is another variant of Hilux which provides more specifications and features.

10. Suzuki Swift

Swift best selling car

Lastly, Swift takes its place. It would be wrong to say that Suzuki dominates the automobile market in Pakistan. Price vary between RS 13.8 Lacs and 15.1 Lacs.

Best feature is: front engine and front wheel drive subcompact car.

Furthermore, Two variants are available DLX Navigation and DLX Automatic Navigation.

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