Send any type of file with WhatsApp

Instant messaging mobile application, WhatsApp has now improved its file sharing system. It now allows users to share any type of file. Previously it only allowed to share only PDFs, Word Doc, Spreadsheets, slides, but RAR, APKs, etc could not be send via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp allowed ‘Share Document’ feature a week ago, however only on its latest beta version. Now, the feature is publicly available. Files can be send from iOS to Android and similarly Android to iOS. Files can also be sent on WhatsApp groups.

How to Send Any Type of File on WhatsApp?

To use this feature, just press the share attachment option in iOS or Android and it will pull the ‘Share Document’ button. Press the ‘Share Document button’ and you can attach any file. In iOS, you can attach files from iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, only if they are installed on your phone. One plus feature with Android is that you can share files directly from the file folder.

WhatsApp Document Sharing ButtonWhatsApp iCloud option

The max file size which could be send is 100MB whether its iOS or Android. Many rumors are floating online such that iOS allows more capacity than 100MB.
If you read WhatsApp FAQs, it clearly states:

Note: Sending a document is only available for users on iOS 8 and later. The maximum allowed file size is 100 MB.

This feature was already provided by other instant messaging app such as Telegram. This feature will provide more ease for the user.

Another change in WhatsApp is beautiful. It has affected the interface of WhatsApp’s media sharing. When some send more than one photo, the collection would be shown in large thumbnail viewing them in a bundle instead of being showed individually. Its very friendly feature for people who share media too much. When you tap on the image, it displays the full-size image.

WhatsApp Images Bundle

Lastly, another change in UI is that instead of swiping sideways, now you have to swipe upwards to answer the call. However, this media sharing and calling feature is only available in beta version.
WhatsApp Calling Swipe up feature