Facebook Rejects Pakistan's Request

Facebook rejects Pakistan’s request to connect mobile numbers. Pakistan’s request was made to reduce online crimes, fraudulent activities and blasphemous content.

Pakistan request would increase law and order situation in the city.

Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan requested Facebook to administration to integrate mobile numbers with Facebook profiles in Pakistan as to verify the profiles with their bio-metric data. It could ease Pakistani government in tracking the content creator.

Nisar also asked for the removal of blasphemous content present over social media, during a meeting with Joel Kaplan, VP Facebook.

Facebook Spokesperson Response

Christine Chen, Facebook’s chairperson said in a statement:

We can confirm that Pakistani officials requested that we link new Facebook accounts with an internet user’s mobile phone number to address the problem of fake accounts. We declined that request.

She also said:

We apply a strict legal process to any government request for data or content restrictions.

According to her, Facebook is more concerned about the pending legal cases against Facebook users. Moreover, Facebook would continue safeguard users interest, she said.

The spokesperson also said that it has maintained its course, despite government’s request.

However, Facebook responded positively on blasphemous content. It reiterated their commitment toward removal of blasphemous and objectionable content. They also reassured that they will provide assistance in locating the offender.