Finally YouTube Thumbnail Previews Are Added to Videos

The popular-video sharing site finally adds the eagerly awaited feature; Youtube thumbnail previews for videos. Viewers can now hover the mouse over videos and watch a 3 second preview of the video.

This feature is only available to viewers on desktop.

How to See Youtube Previews?

Here’s a simple GIF which shows how you can view Youtube previews.

Youtube thumbnail previews

For the time being it is only available on specific browsers  Chrome (with and above versions 32) and Opera (with and above versions 19). These previews automatically play in the home and live tab.

Is Youtube Behind Other Video Sharing Sites?

The feature has been long been prevailing in other famous video sharing sites such as Dailymotion and Vimeo. However, Youtube lacked behind. Introduction of this feature means that users will no longer have to click the video in order to check its content. This is indeed a time-saving feature.

Artificial intelligence generates thumbnail previews for content. It does not involve creator consent i.e he/she cannot choose what to include in it. Only videos which have a length more than 30 seconds would get a Youtube preview.

The greatest advantage of this feature is that it will reduce click-bait. The absence of thumbnail previews made viewers unable to grasp about the exact content of the view resulting in click-bait. With the 3 second previews, users can identify the content before clicking it. It means their would less views for clickbaiter’s videos.

Youtube says:

Currently, creators are not able to select the preview that is shown.

Preview generated by Youtube may be able to reduce click-baits. However, the word currently means it may change its policy in future. Content creator may given privileges to set thumbnail preview.

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4 Replies to “Finally YouTube Thumbnail Previews Are Added to Videos”

  1. This is incredibly cool Hamza. Especially because I am diving into YT again, with more frequent videos. I guess tech and demand were factors but I wonder why we are just getting thumbnail previews now? Either way it is a neat way to get a feel for any video before you set aside a few minutes – or longer – to watch and enjoy the vid.

  2. Its really awesome and great move by YT. i am overwhelmed by YT cuz most of the time i stay in for updates on every thing now a days people are having internet in their hands even media people would know matter by seeing it in YT .people are giving updates highly in Yt instead of media.

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