Snapchat allows to record 60 seconds snap.

Do you hate 10 second limitation of snaps? Do you wish that snaps should be longer than just 10 seconds? We’ve all felt that frustration to make perfect 10 second snap. Now, this limitation has been changed. Snapchat allows to record 60 seconds snap.

How to Record Multi-snap With Snapchat?

As you finish your 10 second snap, just continue holding down the shutter to keep recording the snap. This way you can record up to 60 seconds snap. However, there’s a cliffhanger. Your snap will be in different 10-10 seconds snap. In other words, you’ll have six different snaps whose size will 10 each adding up to a sum of 60 seconds. The feature is known as the “multi-snap”.

To put it simply, I’ve listed all the requirement and procedure of making a multi-snap:

  • Latest version of Snapchat
  • Press the shutter to record the snap
  • As snap reaches 10 second, continue holding the shutter up to 60 seconds
  • Thumbnail preview of snaps will pile up at bottom of screen
  • Upload your story, but IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER i.e the order in which they were recorded.
  • Enjoy

Additionally, you can also jump back to your snaps; edit it or even delete it before posting.

Moreover, it has already available for iOS and Android users.

Futhermore, apart from launching the 60 second snap, it has also launched the “Tint Brush”.

What is “Tint Brush”?

Secondly, Snapchat launched tint brush is a creative toolkit and it allow users to change color of objects within a photo. With Tint brush, one can change color of his/her hair, shirt, etc. The features allows to identify the object. The technology used is called object-recognition.

How to Use Tint Brush?

Simply press Scissors icon in Snap to use it.

In short:

  • Latest version of Snapchat
  • Press the shutter to record the snap
  • Press scissors icon
  • Tint brush appears
  • Choose any color
  • Outline the object
  • Upload it

It is however, very important to note what would be Instagram’s reaction. It launched 60 second story feature along time ago. In contrast, it stills lacks behind when it comes to filter. Moreover, with the launch of tint brush, Instagram should also launch new features to keep its app rolling.

What do you think about this feature? Let us know in the comment section.