TechMash is a platform covering news related to tech, startups and entrepreneurship.

TechMash aims to become the leading platform in covering news related to technology and business in Pakistan. Our aim is to provide high quality content to viewers extracted through highly credible sources from all around the world.

The main focus point of TechMash is currently Pakistan’s technology and entrepreneurship scene, although we do occasionally cover international projects and events. The writers of TechMash do their best to double-check their sources for credibility and aim to convey the information to readers in an easily digestible fashion, which we feel is a very necessary feature for tech-related articles.

Currently, there are two writers working at TechMash,

Hamza Azam

Hamza is a geek who passionately follows news related to startups, tech and whats happening in the IT sector. His superior research skills make him a valueable addition to the TechMash writing team.


Kumail Pirzada

Kumail has been behind a keyboard since he was born. He’s a Computer Science nerd and likes all things tech. Dedication to writing makes his articles stand out.






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