List of Top Ten Bloggers in Pakistan and Their Blogs

List of top ten bloggers in Pakistan

Blogging, as a profession, is growing around the World. Most youngster start blogging to earn some bucks. A few keep up with the pace while few fail.  Similarly, many in Pakistan are turning to blogging as their profession. Blogging is growing because its lucrative. I have compiled a list of […]

Vehicle Registration Book to be replaced with Smart Card

Vehicle Registration smart card in Pakistan

With a rapid increase of car sales, Punjab government announced that vehicle’s registration smart card will replace book. A chip-based smart card which will display information listed below: Vehicle owners name CNIC/Passport Details Registration number Date of Registration Chassis number Token tax expiry date Engine Number Number of Cylinder Type of […]

These Are 10 Best Selling Cars in Pakistan in Year 2017

10 Best Selling Cars In Pakistan

Pakistan automobile industry is growing exponentially. Low interest and finance rates provided by the banks have maximized car sales in year 2017. According to Automotive Development Policy(ADP), tax incentive provided by the government has turned Pakistan into fruitful market. In 2016, 181,145 cars were sold. However, this year car sales reached an […]

Car Sales Recorded All Time High in Pakistan: Automobile Industry Boom

Toyota Corolla Car Sales

It wouldn’t be wrong to say Pakistan’s economy is recovering. The improvement in security situation across the country and low interest rate and Bank’s car financing has left the automobile industry booming. The emergence of cab sevice such as Uber, Careem or Daewoo has led to shoot in car sales in Pakistan. […]

Daewoo Cab Rolls Out Own Ride Hailing App Competing with Uber and Careem

In the past, Daewoo was the only cab service which offered pick and drop service. The company now is planning to re-enter the transport industry. Daewoo rolls out latest ride-hailing app to compete with Uber and Careem. Daewoo Cab is Available in the Following Cities: 1.Lahore 2.Rawalpindi/Islamabad 3.Karachi 4.Multan 5.Peshawar […]