First Battery Less Cell Phone is Powered by Radio Waves

Battery Less Cell Phones

For the first time, ever scientists have managed to develop the technology of our dreams. Researchers belonging to the University of Washington have created a first battery less cell phone. How it works? The phone uses ambient radio signals and light to produce the meager number of micro-watts of power […]

Facebook Rejects Pakistan’s Request to Connect Accounts With Mobile Number

Facebook Rejects Pakistan's Request

Facebook rejects Pakistan’s request to connect mobile numbers. Pakistan’s request was made to reduce online crimes, fraudulent activities and blasphemous content. Pakistan request would increase law and order situation in the city. Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan requested Facebook to administration to integrate mobile numbers with Facebook profiles in Pakistan […]

Now With WhatsApp You Can Send Any Type of File

Send any type of file with WhatsApp

Instant messaging mobile application, WhatsApp has now improved its file sharing system. It now allows users to share any type of file. Previously it only allowed to share only PDFs, Word Doc, Spreadsheets, slides, but RAR, APKs, etc could not be send via WhatsApp. WhatsApp allowed ‘Share Document’ feature a […]

Why is Calibri Font Becoming Viral in Pakistan? #FontFail


What is Calibri? According to WikiPedia: Calibri is a humanist sans-serif typeface family designed by Lucas de Groot in 2004 and reached the general public on January 30, 2007. Calibri font is a hot topic on the Facebook, twitter, and other social medias among Pakistan. Why is everyone taking about Microsoft font, Calibri you ask? […]